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From Guillaume Laforge <>
Subject [VOTE] Graduate Apache Groovy from the incubator
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2015 09:43:14 GMT
Hi all,

Following-up the graduation proposal in a thread [1] from our mentor
Emmanuel L├ęcharny, I would like to launch today a vote for that
purpose: let Apache Groovy graduate!

For reference, here are our recent monthly [1] and quarterly [2] reports

The last two quarterly status reports [1] and [2] our mentors have
recommended that Groovy is ready to graduate from the incubator.

This is therefore a call for vote to graduate the Groovy podling from Apache
Incubator.  The proposed board resolution is below (also at [3]); the
proposed chair for the graduated project is based on the proposal in [4].

Please cast your votes:

[  ] +1 Graduate Groovy podling from Apache Incubator
[  ] +0 Indifferent to the graduation status of Groovy podling
[  ] -1 Reject graduation of Groovy podling from Apache Incubator,

This vote will be open until next Sunday evening (156 hours, [5]).

Dan Haywood


Establish the Apache Groovy Top-Level Project

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors deems it to be in the best
interests of the Foundation and consistent with the
Foundation's purpose to establish a Project Management
Committee charged with the creation and maintenance of
open-source software, for distribution at no charge to the public,
to enable the creation of software using domain-driven
design principles, and the realization of this through the
naked objects architectural pattern,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that a Project Management
Committee (PMC), to be known as the "Apache Groovy Project",
be and hereby is established pursuant to Bylaws of the
Foundation; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Apache Groovy Project be and hereby is
responsible for the creation and maintenance of software
related to and inspired by the naked objects architectural
pattern; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the office of "Vice President, Apache Groovy" be
and hereby is created, the person holding such office to
serve at the direction of the Board of Directors as the chair
of the Apache Groovy Project, and to have primary responsibility
for management of the projects within the scope of
responsibility of the Apache Groovy Project; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the persons listed immediately below be and
hereby are appointed to serve as the initial members of the
Apache Groovy Project:

Dan Haywood <>
Robert Matthews <>
Kevin Meyer <>
Alexander Krasnukhin <>
Dave Slaughter <>
Jeroen van der Wal <>
Mohammad Nour El-Din <>
Mark Struberg <>

be appointed to the office of Vice President, Apache Groovy, to
serve in accordance with and subject to the direction of the
Board of Directors and the Bylaws of the Foundation until
death, resignation, retirement, removal or disqualification,
or until a successor is appointed; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the initial Apache Groovy PMC be and hereby is
tasked with the creation of a set of bylaws intended to
encourage open development and increased participation in the
Apache Groovy Project; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Apache Groovy Project be and hereby
is tasked with the migration and rationalization of the Apache
Incubator Groovy podling; and be it further

RESOLVED, that all responsibilities pertaining to the Apache
Incubator Groovy podling encumbered upon the Apache Incubator
Project are hereafter discharged.

Guillaume Laforge
Apache Groovy committer & PMC member
Product Ninja & Advocate at Restlet <>

Social: @glaforge <> / Google+

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