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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Groovy chairman election...
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2015 22:13:23 GMT
Le 12/10/15 20:02, Konstantin Boudnik a écrit :
> +1 on both. > > I think the good way of looking at the Chair from PMC side is >
a bureaucrat, who's responsible to file board@ reports on time and carry
on >    some other functions like updating PMC records, etc. >  - a
neutral mediator shall any conflicts within the community arise > > A
good practice which worked in a few of projects is for the current chair
> to start a [DISCUSS] to nominate a new chair every year or so. If no >
nominations were made, the current chair simply stays for another periodk

I concur. Chair rotation is *good*. It has many advantages :

- first of all, it helps people to understand what are the duties of a
- it enforces the fact that we (The ASF) don't follow the BDLF thingy.
- you don't get burned out too quickly ;-)

If a quick chair rotation does not necessarily sounds good (one year is
pretty short...-, 2 years is ok. I suggest that the chairman strep down
without being requested to do so, too. That does not mean the PMC would
not ask him to stay there !

From my own perspective, I have been chairman fo ApacheDS and MINA, and
I was pleased to step down and left the opportunity for some other
prominent PMC members to fulfill the position ! I didn't felt empewored
by being the chairman, and I didn't felt diminushed not being the
chairman. Although, from a personnal POV, it was a great thing : I
learned (a bit) about being patient !

My 2 cts

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