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From Russel Winder <>
Subject Re: [mentors] experimental graduation maturity assessment in view of graduating Groovy
Date Sun, 18 Oct 2015 09:35:42 GMT
On Fri, 2015-10-16 at 18:38 +0200, Jochen Theodorou wrote:
> […]
> I wonder if one point might be missing: checking the name of the
> project 
> for trademarks.
> Which is imho also a point we have to still clear officially. how do
> we 
> do that again?

As far as I am aware, but I am not a lawyer, in England and Wales, and
Scotland, you cannot trademark a word per se. So at least in this
jurisdiction I cannot imagine anyone has any form of trademark on
"Groovy"; it wouldn't be allowed.

On the other hand, the Groovy logo, whilst not formally registered
anywhere as far as I know, will have de facto trademark status for
having been used unchallenged for many years. To change the logo to
somehow incorporate Apache explicitly will be non-trivial.

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