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From Keegan Witt <>
Subject Numeric assignment documentation
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2015 17:07:57 GMT
I didn't see that we had this documented anywhere, even in GINA (if I've
missed it, please point it out).  Where do you think it'd be appropriate to
document the behavior assignments like below?  A subsection under the
variable assignment section

Double a = new BigDecimal(0)
Double b = new BigInteger(0)
Float c = new BigDecimal(0)
Float d = new BigInteger(0)
Float e = new Double(0)
Long f = new BigDecimal(0)
Long g = new BigInteger(0)
Long h = new Double(0)
Long i = new Float(0)
Integer j = new BigDecimal(0)
Integer k = new BigInteger(0)
Integer l = new Double(0)
Integer m = new Float(0)
Integer n = new Long(0)
Short o = new BigDecimal(0)
Short p = new BigInteger(0)
Short q = new Double(0)
Short r = new Float(0)
Short s = new Long(0)
Short t = new Integer(0)
Byte u = new BigDecimal(0)
Byte v = new Double(0)
Byte w = new Float(0)
Integer x = "A"


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