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From Keegan Witt <>
Subject Tests failing on Windows
Date Fri, 31 Jul 2015 14:17:11 GMT
Anybody else getting these test failures on Windows?  They've failed for
quite some time for me, I've been just ignoring them.

   - GrabErrorIsolationTest.testConsecutiveGrabCallsWithASharedLoaderWhereFirstGrabFails

   - STCExtensionMethodsTest.testShouldFindExtensionMethodWithGrab
   - ExtensionModuleTest.testExtensionModuleUsingGrabAndClosure
   - ExtensionModuleTest.testExtensionModuleUsingGrabAndMap
   - ExtensionModuleTest.testThatModuleCanBeLoadedWithGrab

For ExtensionModuleTest, I think it's because jarURL is null, but I'm not
sure yet what needs changed to fix it.  Nothing I've tried so far has done
the trick.


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