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From Mauro Molinari <>
Subject Re: Remove Version from File Names in Distributions; Add Manifest
Date Wed, 29 Jul 2015 12:26:46 GMT
Il 29/07/2015 13:52, Steve Amerige ha scritto:
> Some issues that large enterprises typically face include that dynamic 
> tools that resolve dependencies are not permitted.  There are many 
> reasons for this: everything from legal (third-party jars, including 
> version changes, must be approved), to having centralized control of 
> which jars engineers have access to for their particular product and 
> for their particular intended release event.  And, developers tend to 
> use either Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEs, while some few do everything 
> command line with environment variables or scripts helping compilation 
> to find jars.  Developer environments need to include the specific 
> network-accessible jars they need. These jars are organized into 
> groups that are approved and are consistent for a particular release 
> event. 

I don't think any of these reasons prevents the use of a build tool. For 
instance, having an internal repository server like Nexus or Artifactory 
would allow to control exactly which dependencies are made available to 

> Fortunately, we have excellent build and release engineers who take 
> third-party jars and fit them into our system so that all concerns are 
> addressed.  Since it doesn't seem that our needs are shared by others, 
> it's just fine to leave it at that.

What it seems like to me is that these build and release engineers are 
just reinventing the wheel or probably that the environment they work in 
predates the modern build tools like Gradle or Maven.
In my experience, I saw "big" enterprises manage things in insane ways 
(like environments where deployments consist of the unpacking a ZIP file 
- yes, NO way to delete obsolete files unless you contact a support team 
that MANUALLY performs these kind of operations!!! Another way to say 
that you can't perform refactoring on classes!!) in the name of 
"security" or "control". Just because people do crazy things it doesn't 
mean that they should be supported :-)

We may discuss about the fact that version number of file names might be 
redundant (once we have manifests), but it's also true that most (if not 
all) package management system I know of seem to go in this direction. 
Apart from Maven repositories, OSGi does the same, as well as Linux 
packages (deb and rpm files have versions in their names).

Just yet another 2 cents by one that doesn't miss the "JAR hell" of some 
years ago.

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