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From Paul King <>
Subject Notices and Licenses
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2015 12:24:39 GMT

I updated the updateLicense task in assemble.gradle (now called updateLicenses) and added
an updateNotices task.

If adding/deleting files which have special license requirements you should place/remove the
appropriate notice and license information in the root project's notices and licenses directories
(follow the conventions of other files), re-run those gradle tasks and then commit the resulting
generated files. See also, the readme.txt files in those directories. In some cases, you might
need to tweak the assemble.gradle file.

Please feel free to review the logic used in those task definitions and the current generated
licenses and notice files. Let me know if you spot any errors or anything missing.

What's still left to do?

* Over time we might want to push some of the license/notice generation down into subprojects
and then auto aggregate.

* We might be able to remove some notice info I put in for "deemed-permissive" licenses. Still
working on that - might need clarification from Apache legal.

* Using short-form references to licenses is preferred over including full licenses. We should
be able to tweak things to use the short-form (at least in some places to start with).

* I was going to do a bit more checking for any bubble-up license/notice requirements from
our binary dependencies. So far, I think we might be missing a CDDL license for servlet-api
(used by groovy-servlet) and the public domain license for jsr166y (used by GPars). I'll keep

Cheers, Paul.

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