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From C├ędric Champeau <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Groovy 2.4.4-incubating
Date Mon, 08 Jun 2015 13:38:00 GMT
> 1) looks problematic, discussed elsewhere in this
> thread
> 2) A large number of *.adoc files are missing the Apache license header.
> Both are fixed on the 2.4.x and master branches, so ready for a future
release. Not sure if they are enough to prevent releasing from incubator.

> 3) The source release contains the following binaries (along with
> other things like images which are ok), we need to clarify whether
> they are required and what makes them safe to be included, if that's
> the case:
> ./security/GroovyJarTest.jar
> ./src/test-resources/jars/module-test/module-test/1.0.7225-test/module-test-1.0.7225-test.jar
> ./src/test-resources/jars/module-test/module-test/1.2-test/module-test-1.2-test.jar

All those are required test resources. I had understood jars as test
resources are not a problem but I might be wrong, let us know.


This contains the keys used to sign the GroovyJarTest test jar described

> ./src/bin/groovy.icns
This is an image, used under Mac OS AFAIK.

> 4) (not blocking the release) AFAICS the 758AAD6F key used to sign the
> code archive is not signed by anyone, I suggest that a few PPMC
> members sign it before the next release.
> Ok

> 5) (not blocking the release) IMO the NOTICE can be smaller and stop
> at "This product includes software developed at The Apache Software
> Foundation (", unless any of the currently
> present notices are required by the owners of the respective
> dependencies. This does not block the release IMO and can be discussed
> before the next one.
Ok too

> Nothing dramatic, but these things need to be addressed.
> -Bertrand

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