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From Paul King <>
Subject Re: Delete Disabled Security Tests
Date Thu, 18 Jun 2015 05:38:07 GMT

We should keep the security tests. When converting from Ant to Gradle we never got
around to making those tests work. We should. We'd no doubt have users relying on
some of Groovy's special security handling. From memory the groovy.policy file has
entries like: "file:${user.dir}/target/classes/-" in it but when running from IDEA
it might need to be something like: "file:${user.dir}/out/test/-" and maybe
"out/production" as well ... and different again for Gradle and possibly trickier?
We might be just able to call out to Ant if that is easier.

But +1 though on getting rid of GroovyJarTest.jar if we can - if we can keep
roughly the same functionality.

Cheers, Paul.

On 15/06/2015 5:01 AM, Pascal Schumacher wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> what about removing "/security" and "src/test/groovy/security" from the repo?
> They are just a few test and it looks like no work has been done on them since 2007.
> Security Test are not run in the Groovy Gradle build since 20.03.2012. I do not know
if they ran in the old Ant build. Not a single test succeeds at the moment when I run them
in IntelliJ.
> What do you think?
> Cheers,
> Pascal

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