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From Jesper Steen Møller <>
Subject Antlr4 Groovy parser
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2015 23:07:16 GMT
Hi list

I’m new on the list, and I’m volunteering to do some work on Groovy, starting with the
Antlr4 parser. I’m not completely new to language and compiler implementation, I did a number
of things on the Eclipse JDT for Java 8, and also the Eclipse XPath 2.0 engine, and have worked
with Antlr4 on work projects.

As stated on the issue GROOVY-5299, I’ve taken steps to make it actually work with Groovy,
in the proper package, but things are slow in the beginning (I’m not really proficient in
complex Gradle builds, for instance), and I’m not really well aquatinted with the Groovy

I’d really appreciate any feedback I could get — I’ve set up a fork on Github:
I’m figuring that the next steps would be to fix the tests I had to comment out, and the
increase the test coverage and tackle the known weaknesses. After that, I’d rebase the antlr4
branch with updates from ‘master’ and work on tracking the changes (traits and other stuff),

Does that sound like a reasonable approach?

Kind regards,
Jesper Steen Møller
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