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From C├ędric Champeau <>
Subject Re: In shape for a 2.4.4 release?
Date Wed, 20 May 2015 17:07:45 GMT
2015-05-20 17:50 GMT+02:00 Andrew Bayer <>:

> Yeah, any commit needs to be done by an actual committer. What I'd advise
> for this release is that we do the TeamCity release build against a
> personal fork of the repo, where TeamCity has creds to push etc, and then
> the release manager pushes the commits/branches/tags to the canonical repo
> manually. It's a little awkward, but meets the requirements for ASF
> policies.

I see, this is probably the best thing to do at least for the first

> Can I get access to the TeamCity setup and a walk through of the process?

For TeamCity I will send you an email with credentials. Release process is
described here [1] and here [2]. For [1] we should probably backup this
because it is going to be shutdown anytime soon. We can back it up through
a PR to [3].

> I'd like to start working on how I can (wearing my Infra hat here) figure
> out how to make this process smoother and better integrated with Apache
> processes going forward - and admittedly, how I can port it to Jenkins,
> given my personal biases. =) I am also interested in seeing how the Groovy
> release process may be able to provide a model for other ASF projects
> looking for a more automated release build process.
> A.

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