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From Alain Stalder <>
Subject Re: Groovy Grape/Ivy thread safe?
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2015 19:34:05 GMT

On 29.04.15 11:21, Jochen Theodorou wrote:
> Am 28.04.2015 21:15, schrieb Alain Stalder:
>> Hi again,
>> Looks like everybody is busy with stuff on a somewhat lower level of
>> Maslov's Pyramid? ;)
> looks like I forgot to answer...
>> So, I will simply answer myself to my questions:
>>  > It looks to me like Grape resp. ivy is not thread safe.
>>  >
>>  > Question 1: Is that a bug or just how things currently are? (If it's
>> a bug, rather Grape bug or an ivy bug, resp. where would I best file 
>> it?)
>> I consider that a bug, even though it seems to me that fixing it might
>> possibly be not so simple...
> not only grape and ivy, also the groovy compiler
>> I created an account for the Groovy Apache JIRA, resp. seems like my
>> user had been already transferred there (or maybe I created an account
>> in the past and forgotten about it), with the intent to file a bug with
>> Groovy, but apparently I don't have the rights to do so?
>> If its possible without jumping through too many hoops, I would still be
>> available to file the bug (how?), else this post will have to 
>> suffice... ;)
> so you have been able to login, but not to file an issue for groovy? 
> In that case, give me your username and I make an issue for INFRA
Exactly, my username is "jexler", thanks in advance! :)
> [...]
>> Question 3 (new): Am I stuck?
>> No, I am not, at least not with Grengine:
>> I can simply override DefaultGroovyCompiler with a class that
>> synchronizes around CompilationUnit.compile(), since Grengine is not
>> using GroovyClassLoader, GroovyShell or GroovyScriptEngine, except a
>> GroovyClassLoader during compilation. (Of course, in order to use Grape,
>> a GroovyClassLoader has to be in the classpath at runtime (or a
>> RootLoader, actually is there any real reason for that?), but that is
>> also possible to do by configuring Grengine.)
>> Or is there a workaround that works with Groovy itself, on the level of
>> the compiler or GroovyClassLoader/GroovyShell/GroovyScriptEngine, except
>> synchronizing each an every call that might compile anything?
> The thing is you created a single point of entry and synchronize 
> there. Any compilation that goes not through there will have the same 
> trouble. You are aware of that I am sure, just mentioning it for the 
> interested reader. There is a point like that in GroovyClassLoader 
> (GCL) with parseClass. It too uses synchronization to avoid multiple 
> parallel compilations. Of course with a similar limitation - compile 
> with two GCL instances and you have the same potential problem again.
> doing that on the level of Grape would be maybe better....even better 
> would be probably to do that in Ivy itself... in which case we would 
> probably have to make the fix ourselves as well I guess.

I agree (with all you wrote).

Synchronizing so far "up" is definitely not ideal.
> bye blackdrag
Best wishes,

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