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From Paul King <>
Subject JIRA guidelines
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 00:32:53 GMT

Perhaps one of our mentors can provide guidance on a couple of questions I have wrt typical
JIRA usage within Apache.

I noticed that one of our contributors was trying to assign (I believe) himself to an issue
but didn't have permissions, so I attempted to assign him myself but I couldn't either. I
am in groovy-administrators but the user in question isn't in any special Groovy groups, e.g.
in particular not in groovy-contributors or groovy-administrators. So, my question is what
is normal practice here? Should we be encouraging all users to join the groovy-contributors
group or does that imply signing an ICLA? Or is it typical Apache practice for whomever the
committer is who shepherds the contribution through to assign themselves as the issue assignee?

Also, do JIRA labels have any special significance within Apache? In codehaus we treated them
as comments (which are searchable when making release notes etc.) and would label for instance
breaking changes with the "breaking" label. I noticed within the Apache JIRA, the following
labels in use: "break", "breaking", "breaking_change" and "breaking-api". Just wanting to
know if we should be changing our normal practice to align it more closely with other projects?
My default inclination being that no change is a good thing. :-)

Thanks, Paul.

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