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From Mauro Molinari <>
Subject Re: Re: GGTS/ Eclipse support for the groovy ecosystem
Date Sun, 12 Apr 2015 14:49:51 GMT
@Davide: maybe this document can give you some more insight:

@all: please don't forget that Groovy is used in Eclipse even when not 
with Grails.
I mean, I've started to introduce Groovy in my team to write unit tests 
and other kind of specific code (JSF backing beans and service classes, 
for instance) for which I think that Groovy can give a good boost to 
productivity. I spent however a lot of time to struggle against Groovy 
static compilation bugs and (particularly) with the uncountable 
Groovy-Eclipse bugs and now that Pivotal announced they stopped to 
support the whole Groovy ecosystem I'm really disappointed, but above 
all worried about the future.
I mean, I know Groovy now has already a new home at Apache, however I 
never had a real fear for it, since I think it already has a good team 
behind it and a vibrant ecosystem built on top of it. What really scares 
me is that, in contrast, the development efforts on the Groovy-Eclipse 
plugin have always be little to nothing: the plugin has always suffered 
from severe problems, but after Pivotal had took it and I could talk to 
Andy Clement to highlight some of them, it received a good boost from 3 
new developers that were put to work on the plugin. This until some 
months ago, when development stopped again... and now the complete drop 
by Pivotal :-(

I've read a lot about Groovy and Grails future, but almost no word about 
future Groovy support for the Eclipse platform.

I really think that Groovy can't shine without a good support from the 
(probably most) widely used IDE out there, Eclipse, so I really hope 
that this is taken in deep consideration by the Groovy team.

And no, I can't switch to another IDE because of Groovy, for many 
reasons. The number of Eclipse tools and plugins we use is significant 
and I can't force the whole company to change IDE just because of Groovy 
support from it. No offence, but if I really have to make a choice here, 
I'm sorry to say that I must choose to drop Groovy and replace it with 
Java (or some other alternative).

Thanks a lot.

Il 07/04/2015 15:03, ha scritto:
> Out of interest is there anywhere to read why this is the case? (patches that can't be
applied to the mainline).
> Not wanting to rehash, just gain a little context if that's alright...
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> David Dawson
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>    Original Message
> From: Cédric Champeau
> Sent: Tuesday, 7 April 2015 13:59
> To:
> Reply To:
> Subject: Re: GGTS/ Eclipse support for the groovy ecosystem
> AFAIK, the Gradle plugin is independent from the Groovy one. While the
> latest snapshot is compatible with Groovy 2.4.3, it will not be for future
> versions of Groovy, because it effectively patches the compiler. This means
> that you will have to rely on an external tool like Gradle or Ant to
> compile Groovy code under Eclipse. But if there are fixes for syntax
> highlighting or errors from the compiler, they won't make it into Groovy
> Eclipse. And the Maven compiler is based on the Eclipse compiler too I
> think.
> Last, IDEA 14.1 now has the option to use the Eclipse compiler. Sounds like
> a bad timing, because they added the option just when there's nobody left
> to maintain the plugin...
> 2015-04-07 14:49 GMT+02:00 Russel Winder <>:
>> On Mon, 2015-04-06 at 21:00 +0000, KARR, DAVID wrote:
>>>> […]
>>> I believe that this is exactly what is happening. I was told this
>>> work is scheduled for a first release along with Eclipse Mars, in
>>> June of this year.
>> The Gradle plugin is indeed now part of Eclipse. cf.
>> and
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