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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Update of headers
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2015 19:25:06 GMT
Le 04/04/15 09:35, Cédric Champeau a écrit :
> Right. So it's still unclear to me what is required. We have a lot of
> dependencies, some are mandatory, some are optional and some are just build
> time dependencies (Gradle, plugins, ...). 
1) Mandatory dependencies :
- if they have an explicit requirement for some License to be provided
with the product, then you *have* to add a specific LICENSE.<dependency>
file. For instance, in Directory, here is what we do :

o we use a BouncyCastle peice of code, so we have included their license
in our LICENSE file.
o in Fortress, we added a LICENSE.slf4j.txt, and the NOTICE file says :

    This product includes software developed by:

    1. The Apache Software Foundation (
    2. The Eigenbase Project (
    3. (
    4. The Java Community Process (
    5. SLF4J (
    6. Terracotta (
    7. Some code by Steve Purcell, Vidar Holen, Michal Ceresna, Ewan
Mellor and penSec.IT UG (see LICENSE.cmlLineParser.txt)

All in all, the best solution, IMO, is to create a per
dependency that requires the presence of such a file, and list them all
in the NOTICE file

2) Optional dependencis :

Pretty much the same. The question here is much more about what means
'optionnal'. Keep in mind we deliver sources, not binaries. However, of
you decide (and it would make sense) to distribute binaries, for
convenience, then those binaries should contain the included
dependencies, and only that (ie if your binary package does not include
the XYZ lib, then the XYZ license does not have to be present in the

3) Build time depencencies :

Nothing is required here. It's up to the developper to setup her/his
development environment. Now, if you actually distribute some tool, or
use a tool that requires a dependency to be present in order to build a
resulting package (I'm specifciallly thinking about JUnit here), then
you must reference the license of those tools, if they mandate you to do

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