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From Russel Winder <>
Subject Re: New Workflow…
Date Sun, 19 Apr 2015 13:21:31 GMT
On Sat, 2015-04-18 at 11:01 -0700, Andrew Bayer wrote:
> You can still use github for pull requests - you just can't merge 
> the pull
> requests to github directly. For the time being, a committer will 
> need to
> manually bring the pull request commit from the pull request branch 
> to the
> repo. We can 
> probably
> build some tooling around this workflow, but at the least, nothing 
> needs to
> change in the non-committer workflow.

As I said in my response to Pascal in a separate sub-thread, this
seems like an insane process. I am entirely happy that the Apache
repository is the mainline that defines the project. However, if
Apache does not provide the workflow tooling that makes a project
work, then Apache should not interfere with sane processes that
results with the Apache repository being the mainline.

Having the Apache repository be a mirror of the GitHub repository with
all committer merging happening on GitHub seems perfectly reasonable
to me. To say committers cannot use the infrastructure that everyone
else is asked to use really make no sense at all unless a tool such as
Gerrit is being used.

An alternative would therefore be for Apache to run a Gerrit instance
for the pull request review and processing to the Apache repository.
The GitHub pull requests are not used at all in this workflow: GitHub
is a one-way transmission medium. The Go team use this workflow to
great effect: GitHub is just a vehicle for getting clones of the
Google held mainline to the people who want to work with it.

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