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Subject [groovy] 02/02: prepare for removal of antlr2 parser: remove old documentation
Date Sun, 29 Sep 2019 06:13:57 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

paulk pushed a commit to branch master
in repository

commit e622a53ab55d504bffe3abeb2b6837eee76cea97
Author: Paul King <>
AuthorDate: Sun Sep 29 16:13:42 2019 +1000

    prepare for removal of antlr2 parser: remove old documentation
 subprojects/parser-antlr4/README.adoc | 18 ------------------
 1 file changed, 18 deletions(-)

diff --git a/subprojects/parser-antlr4/README.adoc b/subprojects/parser-antlr4/README.adoc
index 4d08312..4534d97 100644
--- a/subprojects/parser-antlr4/README.adoc
+++ b/subprojects/parser-antlr4/README.adoc
@@ -36,24 +36,6 @@ The new parser(Parrot) can parse Groovy source code and construct the related
 * non-static inner class instantiation, e.g. ` Inner()`
 * runtime groovydoc, i.e. groovydoc with `@Groovydoc`; groovydoc attached to AST node as
-=== How to enable the new parser
-The new parser is enabled by default since Groovy 3.0.0
-* In the gradle build the property useAntlr4 has to be set to enable the build of the parser
and the execution of all tests with it. Command line example:
-./gradlew -PuseAntlr4=true bootstrapJar
-* To enable the new parser automatically at runtime the system property groovy.antlr4 has
to be set. Command line example:
-export JAVA_OPTS="-Dgroovy.antlr4=true"
-groovy foo.groovy
-* This system property also controls groovyc and has to be used in case it is used outside
of this build, for example with:
-groovyOptions.forkOptions.jvmArgs += ["-Dgroovy.antlr4=true"]
 === JVM system properties to control parsing
 * `groovy.antlr4.cache.threshold`: how frequently to clear DFA cache(default: 64). **Notice:**
The more frequently the DFA cache is cleared, the poorer parsing performance will be(you can
not set the value that is less than the default value). But the DFA cache has to be cleared
to avoid OutOfMemoryError's occurring.

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