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From Renato MarroquĂ­n Mogrovejo <renatoj.marroq...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [Gora- Aerospkie] Weekly update
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2017 02:14:03 GMT
Hi Nishadi,

Thanks for sharing your GSoC status.
I think one safe assumption you can make is that if the user wants to use
the query feature of Aerospike then he should create it through Aerospike
tools. Gora basically provides access to multiple datastores, but it
doesn't offer support for executing arbitrary code in the datastores (like
code for creating indexes for example) ... at least for now. Maybe at some
point we could just execute something like an arbitraty SQL/CQL/... string
through Gora.
Aerospike doesn't support range keys either because it hashes the keys so
they can be distributed evenly across all nodes, and so, it actually needs
a secondary  index to do such operation.
So I guess you already have the basic PUT/GET/DELETE operations working
right? How about the test suites? Maybe you can also ignore the query tests
 at first but have the implementation so users can take advantage of it,
and then maybe add a maven step for running some Aerospike commands (but
this can be a later step IMHO).
Hope it helps!


Renato M.

2017-07-16 19:05 GMT-07:00 Nishadi Kirielle <ndimeshi.12@cse.mrt.ac.lk>:

> Hi All,
> I am currently working on introducing the query model into gora-aerospike
> module. I am facing a difficulty here as Aerospike query model [1] only
> supports querying for value based searches using secondary indexes that are
> created on top of the non-key values in columns. In order to filter via
> queries, in Aerospike, it is mandatory to have the indexes and via their
> java client, there seems no possibility to create indexes on top of the key
> field.  I tried an option to access the key as another column where the
> column name being "PK" which works fine with their terminal client (aql)
> but not supported via java client.
> One option would be to use the already implemented get functionality to
> retrieve the data when retrieving data given only a single key. But the
> problem appears or a key range, as it will be problematic as to how to do
> that. I am currently working on solving this issue and your feedback would
> be really helpful to come up with a solution.
> This weeks report can be found in [2]
> Thank you and regards
> Nishadi
> [1]. http://www.aerospike.com/docs/guide/query.html
> [2].
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=73630119
> --
> Nishadi Kirielle
> Undergraduate
> University of Moratuwa - Sri Lanka
> Mobile : +94 70 204 5934
> Blog : nishadikirielle.wordpress.com

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