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From Dominique De Vito <ddv36...@gmail.com>
Subject few short questions to better understand Gobblin scope
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2018 15:35:19 GMT

I have digged a bit into the Gobblin web site. Here below are few questions
the way I understand Gobblin so far:

1) Gobblin seems to use only configuration files => no GUI so far ?

2) Gobblin seems to support the workflow concept as the following:

-- Gobblin = <source> => <WorkUnit_1> =>  .....<WorkUnit_N> =>

One picture (in the "Architecture" page) shows this WorkUnit line (inside a
task) :

                extractor => converter => quality checker => fork operator

Is there an order to respect (one kind of WorkUnit, say "converter"
__strictly__ after another kind of WorkUnit, say "quality checker") ?

Or, this order has been only crafted for presentation (in the
"Architecture" page), and there is no strict order between WorkUnit kinds
(for example, one may imagine a converter after quality checker, and not
only before like just above) ?



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