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From Cristina Bovi <>
Subject 4-profiles calculus on big graphs
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2018 19:17:21 GMT
Hi, for my master thesis in computer science I succeed in implementing
4-profiles calculus ( - using
giraph-1.3.0-snapshot (compiled with -Phadoop_yarn profile) and

I configured a cluster on amazon ec2 composed of 1 namenode and 5 datanodes
using t2.2xlarge (32GB, 8CPU) instances and I obtained results described in
attached file (available also here with input
graphs of small/medium dimensions.

If I try to give in input to my giraph program bigger input graphs (e.g.
like in some cases I
obtain many errors related to netty and the yarn application FAILS, in
other cases the yarn application remains in a RUNNING UNDEFINED state (then
I killed it instead of waiting the default timeout) without apparently no
error. I also tried to use m5.4xlarge (64GB, 16CPU) but I obtained same
problems. I reported log errors of first case here:

- log of errors by giraph worker on datanodes pasted here: (same errors in all datanodes)
- log of errors by giraph master pasted here:

I'm quite sure that errors are not related to insufficient memory of EC2
instances because in the log I always saw messages like "(free/total/max) =
23038.28M / 27232.00M / 27232.00M". *Please help me because my master
thesis is blocked with this problem :-(*

This is an example of command that I used to run giraph, could you please
check if parameters that I used are correct? Any other tuning will be

giraph 4Profiles-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
-ca giraph.numComputeThreads=8 // Since t2.2xlarge has 8 CORES, is it
correct to set these parameters to 8?
-ca giraph.numInputThreads=8
-ca giraph.numOutputThreads=8

-w 8 // I set 8 workers since:
     //    - 5 datanodes on EC2"
     //    - every datanode configured for max 2 containers in order to
reduce messages between datanodes
     //    - 2 containers are reserved for application master and giraph
     //    - (5 datanodes * 2 max containers) - 2 reserved = 8 workers
     // Is it correct as reasoning?

-yh 15360 // I set 15360 since it corresponds to
          // - yarn.scheduler.minimum-allocation-mb property in
          // - property in mapred-site.xml
          // Is it correct as reasoning?

-ca giraph.pure.yarn.job=true
-mc it.uniroma1.di.fourprofiles.master.Master_FourProfiles
-ca io.edge.reverse.duplicator=true

-eip INPUT_GRAPHS/HU_edges.txt-processed
-op output
-ca giraph.SplitMasterWorker=true


-ca giraph.metrics.enable=true
-ca giraph.useInputSplitLocality=false
-ca giraph.useBigDataIOForMessages=true
-ca giraph.useMessageSizeEncoding=true
-ca giraph.oneToAllMsgSending=true
-ca giraph.isStaticGraph=true

Furthermore I tried to use following netty parameters but I didn't resolve
the problems. Could you please help me if I miss some important parameter
or maybe I used it in a wrong way? I tried to generalize the value passed
to netty parameters with a trivial formula nettyFactor*defaultValue where
nettyFactor can be 1, 2, 3, ... (passed by shell parameter)

-ca giraph.nettyAutoRead=true
-ca giraph.channelsPerServer=$((nettyFactor*1))
-ca giraph.nettyClientThreads=$((nettyFactor*4))
-ca giraph.nettyClientExecutionThreads=$((nettyFactor*8))
-ca giraph.nettyServerThreads=$((nettyFactor*16))
-ca giraph.nettyServerExecutionThreads=$((nettyFactor*8))
-ca giraph.clientSendBufferSize=$((nettyFactor*524288))
-ca giraph.clientReceiveBufferSize=$((nettyFactor*32768))
-ca giraph.serverSendBufferSize=$((nettyFactor*32768))
-ca giraph.serverReceiveBufferSize=$((nettyFactor*524288))
-ca giraph.vertexRequestSize=$((nettyFactor*524288))
-ca giraph.edgeRequestSize=$((nettyFactor*524288))
-ca giraph.msgRequestSize=$((nettyFactor*524288))
-ca giraph.nettyRequestEncoderBufferSize=$((nettyFactor*32768))

... I have other questions:
This is my hadoop configuration Please check it
but I'm quite sure that is correct. I have only a question about it: since
giraph does not use "reduce", is it correct to assing 0 MB to
mapreduce.reduce.memory.mb in mapred-site.xml?

In order to avoid ClassNotFoundException error I copied the jar of my
giraph application and all giraph jars from $GIRAPH_HOME and
$GIRAPH_HOME/lib to $HADOOP_HOME/share/hadoop/yarn/lib. Is there a better

Last but not least: Here you can find the
completed hadoop/yarn log of my giraph program with following graph as input. In this case the
yarn application reamins in RUNNING UNDEFINED state.

Cristina Bovi

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