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From Thomas Rummler <>
Subject Are Giraph Stats written in log only using map-reduce (hadoop2 mvn profile) ?
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2018 15:54:00 GMT
It seems that Giraph Stas are written in log only using map-reduce (
giraph-1.3.0-snapshot built with -Phadoop2 mvn profile). Follows an example
of Giraph Stats.

Is there a way to write Giraph Stats in logs using yarn too
(giraph-1.3.0-snapshot built with -Phadoop_yarn mvn profile) ?

2018-09-08 16:03:01,604 INFO org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job: Counters: 42
    File System Counters
        FILE: Number of bytes read=74623213
        FILE: Number of bytes written=75518013
        FILE: Number of read operations=0
        FILE: Number of large read operations=0
        FILE: Number of write operations=0
    Map-Reduce Framework
        Map input records=1
        Map output records=0
        Input split bytes=44
        Spilled Records=0
        Failed Shuffles=0
        Merged Map outputs=0
        GC time elapsed (ms)=100
        CPU time spent (ms)=0
        Physical memory (bytes) snapshot=0
        Virtual memory (bytes) snapshot=0
        Total committed heap usage (bytes)=3087007744
    Giraph Stats
        Aggregate bytes loaded from local disks (out-of-core)=0
        Aggregate bytes stored to local disks (out-of-core)=0
        Aggregate edges=12
        Aggregate finished vertices=0
        Aggregate sent message bytes=3154
        Aggregate sent messages=24
        Aggregate vertices=5
        Current master task partition=0
        Current workers=1
        Last checkpointed superstep=0
        Lowest percentage of graph in memory so far (out-of-core)=100
        Sent message bytes=1701
        Sent messages=12
    Giraph Timers
        Initialize (ms)=653
        Input superstep (ms)=599
        Setup (ms)=58
        Shutdown (ms)=8967
        Superstep 0 Worker_Superstep0 (ms)=295
        Superstep 1 Worker_Superstep1 (ms)=605
        Total (ms)=10538
    Zookeeper base path
    Zookeeper halt node
    Zookeeper server:port
    File Input Format Counters
        Bytes Read=0
    File Output Format Counters
        Bytes Written=0

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