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From Cristina Bovi <>
Subject Is it correct that master runs on a datanode?
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2018 13:50:58 GMT
I'm using giraph-1.3 built with yarn profile. For starting I configured 1
namenode and 2 datanodes on a ec2 cluster.
My application properly works, I launched giraph with -w 2 because I have
two datanodes.

In userlogs of datanode1 I found log of first worker.
in userlogs of datanode2 I found log of second worker and log of master too.

I expected to find log of master in the namenode i.e. I expected that
master runs on namenode. Is it right?

Maybe I have to configure another datanode and then I will find master logs
on this new datanode?

Cristina Bovi

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