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From Cristina Bovi <>
Subject difference between two downloadable versions of giraph: 1.2giraph-dist-1.2.0-hadoop2-bin.tar.gz and giraph-dist-1.2.0-bin.tar.gz
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2018 07:41:33 GMT
I didn't understand the difference between
giraph-dist-1.2.0-hadoop2-bin.tar.gz and giraph-dist-1.2.0-bin.tar.gz.
Is there any documentation about that? Is the first one usable with
hadoop-2.5.1 without yarn? How can be configured hadoop-2.5.1 without yarn?

The only documentation that I found is the following one:

- Apache Hadoop 2 (latest version: 2.5.1)

  This is the latest version of Hadoop 2 (supporting YARN in addition
  to MapReduce) Giraph could use. You may tell maven to use this version
  with "mvn -Phadoop_2 <goals>".

Cristina Bovi

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