I have to execute several Giraph process in AWS. For doing it, i have a script that launch one process after another until all process are finished. The problem is that some times, a container gets killed, and i spent a lot of time waiting for the entire giraph app gets killed, so the following can start. I'm trying to diminish this time, because i know that a process that takes more than 5 minutes isn't going to be ended (i prefer get a few giraph process being killed, if the maximum time for executing all of them gets reduced significantly).

I already try putting a "maximum amount of time" with the following options putting a really low value (1 milisecond):

But yet, i'm not getting the expected result, and i have Giraph applications that take like 12000 seconds or more (a big waste of time, resources and money).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


José Luis Larroque
Analista Programador Universitario - Facultad de Informática - UNLP
Desarrollador Java  en LIFIA