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2016-12-06 19:16 GMT+03:00 Hassan Eslami <>:
Hi Denis,

OOC + Checkpointing is one of the TODO's in the code base at the moment. Unfortunately, OOC cannot be used in combination with checkpointing at the moment. We are planning to make these two work with each other in the future.


On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 1:43 AM, Denis Dudinski <> wrote:

I'm trying to run graph computation with OutOfCore and checkpointing enabled. Checkpoints are created in hdfs as expected. But when I try to restart computation from one of these checkpoints computation fails with OutOfMemory. It seems that all partitions are loaded into memory during checkpoint restore step of computation which leads to memory starvation (OOC is used to prevent this). I use FixedPartitionsOracle as oracle for OOC.

Is it possible to use checkpointing with OOC?

Thank you in advance.

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