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From Nitesh Upadhyay <>
Subject Help for ruuning giraph example on multi-node cluster
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 19:50:56 GMT
Hi all,

I'm ruuning giraph on multinode cluster as below
"hadoop/bin/hadoop jar
org.apache.giraph.examples.SimpleShortestPathsComputation -vif
-vip /tiny_graph.txt -vof  -op output/op26
-w 1"
then it runs fine. But, when I'm increasing the no of worker it stops at
map x% reduce 0%
and log result is
"2016-12-07 01:15:09,018 INFO org.apache.giraph.master.BspServiceMaster:
checkWorkers: Only found 1 responses of 3 needed to start superstep -1.
Reporting every 30000 msecs, 569514 more msecs left before giving up" (here
w 3 I set)

Nitesh Upadhyay
Indian Institute Of Science

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