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From José Luis Larroque <>
Subject Re: Master compute and workers
Date Wed, 23 Dec 2015 00:52:17 GMT
I believe that you are seeing this from a weird perspective. Personal
opinion's aside, maybe reading pregel's paper could be of great benefit,
because Giraph is based on it.

Regarding to your questions:
Workers stop when all* vertex* are halt, and every worker has a partition
of vertex. Applicacion Manager (master) halt when all workers are done.

A worker will wake up, if one of its vertex is active again, for example,
because it's receiving a message.

2015-12-22 4:30 GMT-03:00 Kaushik Baruah <>:

> Hi Experts,
> Can you please let me know, if master compute halts automatically when all
> the workers halt.
> 1) If it is so, how can we know from master compute if all workers have
> halted or is there a way to keep the master compute running even though all
> the workers have halted.
> 2) Is there a way to wake up the workers from master compute if they have
> halted.
> Best,
> Kaushik

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