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From José Luis Larroque <>
Subject Giraph best's Vertex Input format, for an input file with Vertex ids of type String
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2015 02:11:23 GMT
Hi everyone, i'm Jose from Argentina, and i'm working with Giraph for my
thesis. I'm stuck in the same point weeks ago, so finally i decided to come
and ask for help !

I have a multinode giraph cluster working properly in my PC. I executed the
SimpleShortestPathExample from Giraph and was executed fine.

This algorithm was ran with this file (tiny_graph.txt):


This file has the following input format:

[source_id,source_value,[[dest_id, edge_value],...]]

Now, I’m trying to execute this same algorithm, in this same cluster, but
with an input file different from the original. My own file is like this:

[Portada,0,[[Sugerencias para la cita del día,1]]]
[Proverbios españoles,0,[]]
[Neil Armstrong,0,[[Luna,1][ideal,1][verdad,1][Categoria:Ingenieros,2,[Categoria:Estadounidenses,2][Categoria:Astronautas,2]]]
[Categoria:Ingenieros,1,[[Neil Armstrong,2]]]
[Categoria:Estadounidenses,1,[[Neil Armstrong,2]]]
[Categoria:Astronautas,1,[[Neil Armstrong,2]]]

It's very similar to the original, but the id's are String and the vertex
and edges values are Long. My question it's which VertexInputFormat should
i use for this kind of format, because i already try with and
and i couldn't get this working.

With this problem solved, i could adapt the original shortest path example
algorithm and let it work for my file, but until i get a solution for this
i can't reach to that point.

If this format it's not a good decision, i could adapt it maybe, but i
don't know which it's my best option, my knowledge from Vertex Text Input
and Output Format in giraph it's really bad, that's why i'me here asking
for some advice.

Thanks in advance!!


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