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From Anna Xenaki <>
Subject giraph-netbeans -simple question
Date Fri, 22 May 2015 12:43:21 GMT
Hi, sorry for the inconvenience I found your mail via giraph mailing 
list. Im new in Giraph.
I want to run a giraph job via netbeans. I have imported all libs in 
project , and installed hadoop 2.5.2 Giraph 1.1.0 in ubuntu 14.04.
I created Java classes FbGraphInputFormat, FbGraphMessage, 
FbGraphOutputFormat,FbGraphState, KatzReduce

public class KatzReduce extends BasicComputation<Text, FbGraphState, 
DoubleWritable, FbGraphMessage> {
public class FbGraphState implements Writable {
public class FbGraphOutputFormat  extends 
public class FbGraphInputFormat extends TextVertexInputFormat<Text, 
FbGraphState, DoubleWritable> {
class FbGraphMessage implements Writable{

MY QUESTION is simple I want to run my java project from netbeans I dont 
know how . I dont have a main class and do not know to start a giraph 
job that does exactly what says.

I added in the run of the project the arguments infile_location_path  

Do I create a main method saying what? I cannot find any documentation 
on deploying giraph projects from scratch so any help would be of great 

Thanks in advance, Anna

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