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From "G.W." <>
Subject Undirected Vertex Definition and Reflexivity
Date Tue, 10 Mar 2015 03:54:54 GMT
Hi Giraph Mailing List,

I am writing about an undirected graph I am trying to move to Giraph. I
have a question about the assumption Giraph makes when processing an input.

Let V1 and V2, two vertices connected with a common edge. E1 defines an
edge from V1 to V2. E2 defines an edge from V2 to V1.

Simply put, these are defined in an input file as:
V1, E1
V2, E2

This is working fine, I can process the graph accordingly.

I was trying to see what would happen if I was to simplify the input file:
V1, E1

When would come the time that V2 is processed in a superstep, Giraph would
not suggest E1 as an  outgoing edge. My questions is why, knowing that E1
defines an edge from V1 to V2. The graph being undirected (although there
is no provision for that in my Giraph computation), shouldn't Giraph assume
that V2 is connected to V1?

Down the road, the idea would be to streamline the input format, hence my


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