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From José Luis Larroque <>
Subject Reduce stuck at 0% in PageRankBenchmark - Giraph examples
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 20:30:30 GMT
Hi guys, i'm testing my Single Node Cluster Giraph installation using
PageRankBenchmark example, in the following way:

*$HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar
org.apache.giraph.benchmark.PageRankBenchmark -v -V 1000 -e 1 -s 5 -w 1*

But after's the mappers complete their job, reducer's don't start. My
question is, this is correct?

Because i understand that if a mapper get executed, a reducer has to start
to take the map's output as an input and finish the work. But i google it,
and always PageRankBenchmark (and ShortestPathExample too) ends with Reduce
at 0%. Here it's an example :

So, i don't no if it's ok that in PageRankBenchmark and ShortestPathExample
says that Reduce is at 0%

I'm using hadoop 2.4, with Phadoop_yarn profile.

Hope someone could help me.



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