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From Maja Kabiljo <>
Subject Please welcome our newest committer, Igor Kabiljo!
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2015 04:42:30 GMT
I am pleased to announce that Igor Kabiljo has been invited to become a committer by the Project
Management Committee (PMC) of Apache Giraph, and he accepted.

Igor's most important contributions are implementing reduce/broadcast that generalizes aggregators
and working on primitive message/edge storages that make applications more efficient, as well
as around using specific partitioners that utilize good partitioning. He is also coming up
with issues for beginners and guiding them along the way. Igor, we are looking forward to
your future work and deeper involvement in the project.


List of Igor’s contributions:
GIRAPH-785: Improve GraphPartitionerFactory usage
GIRAPH-786: XSparseVector create a lot of objects in add/write
GIRAPH-848: Allowing plain computation with types being configurable
GIRAPH-934: Allow having state in aggregators
GIRAPH-935: Loosen modifiers when needed
GIRAPH-938: Allow fast working with primitives generically
GIRAPH-939: Reduce/broadcast API
GIRAPH-954: Allow configurable Aggregators/Reducers again
GIRAPH-955: Allow vertex/edge/message value to be configurable
GIRAPH-961: Internals of MasterLoggingAggregator have been incorrectly removed
GIRAPH-965: Improving and adding reducers
GIRAPH-986: Add more stuff to TypeOps
GIRAPH-987: Improve naming for ReduceOperation
Beginner issues he guided:
GIRAPH-891: Make MessageStoreFactory configurable
GIRAPH-895: Trim the edges in Giraph
GIRAPH-921: Create ByteValueVertex to store vertex values as bytes without object instance
GIRAPH-988: Allow object to be specified as next Computation in Giraph

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