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From Carmen Manzulli <>
Subject very important question about partitioning and final combination
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2015 15:59:38 GMT
Hi experts,
i've just two conceptual questions about giraph:

1) because of giraph works on hadoop, if i have more informations about a
vertex in different partitions and also in different machines, for example,
for a social graph or a person graph, about "Alan" (source id) who is (edge
value) 24 years old (target id) and, on another machine, there is a
partition with "Alan"(source id) who lives(edge value) in Italy(target id),
and so on: how giraph will  consider these relations if i ask for all
people who live in Italy and are 24 years old ?

2) if giraph doesn't consider relations between same vertex in different
partitions and machines when it runs compute() methos, is it possible to
write a  function and make it executable after all iterations by giraph, so
when all vertices are inactive?

thanks and regards,

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