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From Philipp Nolte <>
Subject Re: ClassNotFoundException GiraphYarn Task with Giraph 1.1.0 for Hadoop 2.5.1
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 07:19:33 GMT
Hello Roman, thanks for your answer.

I built and installed Giraph 1.1.0 into my local repository using

$ mvn clean install -DskipTests -Phadoop_2 -Dhadoop.version=2.5.1

My jar containing my Giraph computation was built using the following pom.xml and running


I am using a default Hadoop 2.5.1 configuration.

In my yarn-site.xml I’ve only got the yarn.resourcemanager.hostname set to „master“.
I can verify using the resourcemanager’s web interface that all the nodemanagers are connected
to the resourcemanager.

My mapred-site.xml has set to „yarn“.

I’ve got a Zookeeper running on „master“ and have set giraph.zkServerPort to 2181 and
graph.zkList set to „master:2181“ in my giraph-site.xml.

When not specifying the mapred.job.tracker property, I get a "checkLocalJobRunnerConfiguration:
When using LocalJobRunner, must have only one worker since only 1 task at a time!“ error.

There must be some misconfiguration somewhere. Hope you can help!

Thanks in advance!


Am 16.12.2014 um 03:17 schrieb Roman Shaposhnik <>:

> On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 11:21 PM, Philipp Nolte <> wrote:
>> Maybe its just a configuration thing.
> How did you build Giraph in the first place? Also, what's
> your mapred-site.xml and yarn-site.xml in HADOOP_CONF_DIR?
> Finally, what version of Hadoop are you using? And from
> what vendor?
>> I’ve tried running in giraph.SplitMasterWorker mode and its seems like hadoop is
missing the worker nodes:
>> Here is my command:
>> $ hadoop jar giraphs-and-balloons-computation-0.0.1-for-hadoop-2.5.1-and-giraph-1.1.0-RC1-jar-with-dependencies.jar
> How did you build this JAR?
>> -ca mapred.job.tracker=master:5431\
> If your Giraph installation has access to a correctly
> configured Hadoop client you really don't need this
> line.
> Thanks,
> Roman.

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