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From Tripti Singh <>
Subject Re: Problem running Giraph in local mode (Stuck at MASTER_ZOOKEEPER_ONLY checkWorkers)
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2014 17:27:10 GMT
Which profile did you build?
I see log statements from GiraphJob class while yarn actually invokes GiraphYarnJob class
afaik. I have not tried in local job runner mode so I might be wrong.(FYI, i built it using
hadoop_yarn profile)

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On 04-Nov-2014, at 9:57 pm, "Garimella Kiran" <<>>

Hi all,

I am having some issues running my code locally on a single machine. I am using Giraph 1.1.0
and Hadoop 2.5.1 ..

The execution gets stuck and the following lines just keeps getting printed:

14/11/04 17:08:09 INFO mapred.LocalJobRunner: MASTER_ZOOKEEPER_ONLY checkWorkers: Only found
0 responses of 1 needed to start superstep -1 > map

14/11/04 17:07:43 INFO master.BspServiceMaster: checkWorkers: Only found 0 responses of 1
needed to start superstep -1.  Reporting every 30000 msecs, 569973 more msecs left before
giving up.

14/11/04 17:07:43 INFO master.BspServiceMaster: logMissingWorkersOnSuperstep: No response
from partition 1 (could be master)

The complete log is here:

(I was able to run the same code on a different machine, which had Giraph 1.0.0 and Hadoop
0.20 with out any problems) ..
I'm a novice Giraph user, so excuse me if I'm missing something obvious.
Please let me know if I forgot to add something in the email.


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