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From Puneet Agarwal <>
Subject GIRAPH 806 Patch
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2014 02:49:58 GMT
Hi All,
First of all, I want the thank this forums (in particular Matthew) for helping me resolve
a problem related to Aggregators in Giraph.Here, I shareanother big, problem for which I have
no clue on how to solve:

Sometimes my Giraph jobs hang, because some workers wait for another worker, and that worker
waits for something else, and I noticed that this is similar to Jira issue - GIRAPH-806. I
observed that there is a patch available for this problem:

But when I try to apply the patch on top of Giraph 1.0.0:
I face the problem that the patch has been provided on a nightly build dated ---> 1390205044000
( I did not understand this date format), and not on Giraph 1.0.0.

a.    Should I upgrade to 1.1.0 ( when it becomes available)?b.    I upgrade to nightly
build of 1390205044000, and then apply this patch?c.    What is the suggested way out for
me now?
- Puneet
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