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From Matthew Saltz <>
Subject Re: Multiple sendMessage calls vs. sendMessageToMultipleEdges
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2014 21:28:37 GMT

Thank you so much for the help. By 'the first class', you mean
is not used unless I set the property to true, right? Because I actually do
have giraph.oneToAllMsgSending=true, so if that means it's using
SendMessageToAllCache  then everything makes much more sense. So I guess it
makes sense then that case (b) that I mentioned that would be much faster
than case (a)? I really appreciate it.  And do you have any ideas about the
second question I asked? I think the answer is no but I'm kind of hoping
it's not.


On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 11:16 PM, Lukas Nalezenec <> wrote:

>  Hi Matthew,
> See class SendMessageToAllCache. Its in the same directory as
> SendMessageCache. The first class is not used by Giraph unless you set
> property giraph.oneToAllMsgSending to true.
> Lukas
> On 22.10.2014 20:10, Matthew Saltz wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have two questions:
>  *Question 1)* I'm using release 1.1.0 and I'm really confused about the
> fact that I'm having massive performance differences in the following
> scenario. I need to send one message from each vertex to a subset of its
> neighbors (all that satisfy a certain condition). For that, I see two basic
> options:
>     a) Loop over all edges, making a call to sendMessage(source, target)
> whenever target satisfies a condition I want, reusing the same IntWritable
> for the target vertex by calling target.set(_)
>    b) Loop over all edges, building up an ArrayList (or whatever) of
> targets that satisfy the condition, and calling
> sendMessageToMultipleMessages(targets) at the end.
>  Surprisingly, I get much, much worse performance using option (a), which
> I would think would be much faster. So I looked in the code and eventually
> found my way to SendMessageCache
> <>,
> where it turns out that sendMessageToMultipleMessages ->
> sendMessageToAllRequest(Iterator, Message) actually just loops over the
> iterator, repeatedly calling sendMessageRequest (which is what I thought I
> was doing in scenario (a). I might have incorrectly traced the code though.
> Can anyone tell me what might be going on? I'm really puzzled by this.
>  *Question 2) *Is there a good way of sending a vertex's adjacency list
> to its neighbors, without building up your own copy of an adjacency list
> and then sending that? I'm going through the Edge iterable and building an
> ArrayPrimitiveWritable of ids but it would be nice if I could somehow
> access the underlying data structure behind the iterable or just wrap the
> iterable as a writable somehow.
>  Thanks so much for the help,
> Matthew Saltz

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