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From Tripti Singh <>
Subject Re: Problem processing large graph
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2014 11:38:43 GMT
Hi Avery,
Thanks for your reply.
I did adjust the heap and container size to a higher value(3072MB and 4096MB respectively)
and I am not running the out of core option as well.
I am intermittently able to run the job with 200 mappers. At other times, I can run part of
the data while the other part gets stalled.
FYI, I am using netty without authentication.
One thing that I have noticed, however, is that it mostly runs successfully when the queue
is running almost idle or is comparatively free. On most instances when the queue is running
more tasks or is over-allocated, my job stalls even when the required number of containers
are allocated. Looking at the logs, I mostly find it stalling at Superstep 0 or 1 after finishing
Superstep –1. Or sometimes, even at –1.
Could there be some shared resources in the queue which are not enough for the job while the
job runs on a loaded queue and can I configure some other value to make it run?

Tripti Singh
Tech Yahoo, Software Sys Dev Eng
P: +91 080.30516197  M: +91 9611907150
Yahoo Software Development India Pvt. Ltd Torrey Pines Bangalore 560 071


From: Avery Ching <<>>
Reply-To: "<>" <<>>
Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 10:53 PM
To: "<>" <<>>
Subject: Re: Problem processing large graph

Hi Tripti,

Is there a chance you can use higher memory machines so you don't run out of core?  We do
it this way at Facebook.  We've haven't tested the out-of-core option.


On 8/31/14, 2:34 PM, Tripti Singh wrote:
I am able to successfully build hadoop_yarn profile for running Giraph 1.1.
I am also able to test run Connected Components on a small dataset.
However, I am seeing 2 issues while running on a bigger dataset with 400 mappers:

  1.  I am unable to use out of Core Graph option. It errors out saying that it cannot read
INIT partition. (Sorry I don’t have the log currently but I will share after I run that
I am expecting that if the out of Core option is fixed, I should be able to run the workflow
with less mappers.
  2.  In order to run the workflow anyhow, I removed the out of Core option and adjusted the
heap size. This also runs with smaller dataset but fails with huge dataset.
Worker logs are mostly empty. Non-empty logs end like this:
mapred.task.partition is deprecated. Instead, use mapreduce.task.partition
[STATUS: task-374] setup: Beginning worker setup. setup: Log level remains at info
[STATUS: task-374] setup: Initializing Zookeeper services. is deprecated.
Instead, use job.local.dir is deprecated.
Instead, use mapreduce.job.local.dir
[STATUS: task-374] setup: Setting up Zookeeper manager.
createCandidateStamp: Made the directory _bsp/_defaultZkManagerDir/giraph_yarn_application_1407992474095_708614
createCandidateStamp: Made the directory _bsp/_defaultZkManagerDir/giraph_yarn_application_1407992474095_708614/_zkServer
createCandidateStamp: Creating my filestamp _bsp/_defaultZkManagerDir/giraph_yarn_application_1407992474095_708614/_task/
getZooKeeperServerList: For task 374, got file 'null' (polling period is 3000)

Master log has log statements for launching the container, opening proxy and processing event
like this:
Opening proxy :
Processing Event EventType: QUERY_CONTAINER for Container container_1407992474095_708614_01_000314

I am not using SASL authentication.
Any idea what might be wrong?


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