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From Seong-il Lee <>
Subject [modified] I found 2 kind of bugs of Rexster
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2014 00:05:59 GMT
Hi, All.

First of all, I'm so sorry about previous mail.
I didn't know whether my mail was sent as html or not.
Now, I send again correctly, please reply to my question.

I'm using Giraph and Titan with Rexster.
I found 2 kind of bugs of Rexster.

First, when Rexster reads data from titan.
For example, I want to read vertex 1 to 10, but rexster return 1 to end of index.
I fixed this bug like below

if (counter >= this.start && counter < this.end) {
+      counter += 1;

Second, when Giraph reads data from Titan via Rexster.
Giraph can't read whole data from Titan.
Because Rexster split the data to chunk as many as number of map tasks.
But Giraph use map tasks - 1 workers (one for master), except SplitMasterWorker=false option
So, Giraph miss 1 chunk.

Actually, I also made patch for this bug.
I can't found issue for this bug on JIRA.
Can I create issue on JIRA for this? and attach files?

Best Regards,
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