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From Bryan Rowe <>
Subject How to run Connected Components example (input graph formatting issue)
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2014 21:53:23 GMT
I'm having trouble running the connected components example.

This is what the folder looks like:

Here is the code:

The problem is the input file format.  It's expecting a certain format with
I can't seem to find the correct input file format file anywhere in this
release (or any release).  I'm expecting IntIntNullIntTextInputFormat file
available, but there isn't one.

I googled that format and found this:

But the code will not compile with the current project, but that's okay
because I don't want to be limited to Int's anyway.

I would ultimatley like to change the code
to use the same input file format that the SSSP example uses, which is:

How would I go about doing that?
Can I simply change this

public class IntIntNullIntTextInputFormat extends
TextVertexInputFormat<IntWritable, IntWritable, NullWritable,
IntWritable> {

to this:

public class IntIntNullIntTextInputFormat extends
TextVertexInputFormat<Long, Double, Float,
Double> {

or will additional work need to be done?


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