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From Jestin Joy <>
Subject Problem running giraph program from Eclipse
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2014 16:03:27 GMT
I was trying to run the SSSP giraph program from Eclipse. But I couldnt get
the following packages imported

import org.apache.giraph.graph.BasicVertex;
import org.apache.giraph.graph.BspUtils;
import org.apache.giraph.graph.GiraphJob;
import org.apache.giraph.graph.EdgeListVertex;
import org.apache.giraph.graph.VertexReader;
import org.apache.giraph.graph.VertexWriter;
import org.apache.giraph.lib.TextVertexInputFormat;
import org.apache.giraph.lib.TextVertexInputFormat.TextVertexReader;
import org.apache.giraph.lib.TextVertexOutputFormat;
import org.apache.giraph.lib.TextVertexOutputFormat.TextVertexWriter;

I have followed the instruction in the giraph site to build Giraph and
Which jar should be imported to get the above packages?

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