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From Yørn de Jong <>
Subject Giraph insists on LocalJobRunner with custom Computation
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 09:36:42 GMT
Hi group

I have set up Giraph on a YARN cluster. I have no trouble running the shortest paths example
as described in [1], but when I try to run my own algorithm, the program stops with:

    Exception in thread "main" Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: checkLocalJobRunnerConfiguration:
When using LocalJobRunner, must have only one worker since only 1 task at a time!

When I change the command to -w 1, it stops with

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: checkLocalJobRunnerConfiguration:
When using LocalJobRunner, you cannot run in split master / worker mode since there is only
1 task at a time!

The command I try to run is

    hadoop \
    jar giraph-rank-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT-for-hadoop-2.3.0-cdh5.0.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar \
    org.apache.giraph.GiraphRunner no.uninett.yorn.giraph.computation.DOSRank \
    -eif \
    -eip /user/hdfs/trd_gw1_12_01_normalized.csv \
    -vof \
    -op /user/yarn/output \
    -wc org.apache.giraph.worker.DefaultWorkerContext \
    -w 5 \
    -yj giraph-rank-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT-for-hadoop-2.3.0-cdh5.0.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Where, naturally, no.uninett.yorn.giraph.computation.DOSRank is my own algorithm, which is
contained in giraph-rank-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT-for-hadoop-2.3.0-cdh5.0.1-jar-with-dependencies.jar.

giraph-rank is built using the same command I used to build the giraph-examples project, and
the pom.xml for giraph-rank is made by copying from giraph-examples, and replacing «examples»
with «rank». The command used to build both projects is:

    mvn -Phadoop_yarn -Dhadoop.version=2.3.0-cdh5.0.1 clean package -DskipTests

Interestingly enough, when I change the input format to something else, I get error messages
having to do with type mismatches. This seems to suggest that my EdgeInputFormat does start,
but that the problem occurs while it runs or after it runs. I don’t know how to debug this.

Am I missing something? How can I get my algorithm to run?
The source code is available on [2].


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