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From George Valkanas <>
Subject InternalVertexRunner vague exceptions
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2014 10:31:29 GMT
Hi all,

As part of the concurrent random walks that I'm implementing (see: ), I am using the
InternalVertexRunner to locally execute / test my code. Invoking:, graph)

always returns null. After much digging / custom printing of error
messages, I got the following error message:

run: Caught an unrecoverable exception waitFor: ExecutionException occurred
while waiting for

which didn't help too much either (at least now I knew something was
mistakenly configured). Therefore, I ran my example on an actual
(distributed) GIRAPH instance, which gave back the following exception:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:
checkClassTypes: vertex value types not assignable, computation - class, VertexInputFormat - class

which much better describes what the problem is. Note that this is thrown
when the graph is being read, and is not related with any computation /
algorithmic part of the code. Therefore, I *believe* it would be fairly
easy to capture it with the InternalVertexRunner as well.

Given that, I would like to ask that InternalVertexRunner prints more
meaningful results than the generic one I got in the first place. Having to
deploy and run the code in an actual GIRAPH installation to get the actual
exceptions, negates the whole idea of such a proxy.

I would be happy to help in this direction, but would need some guidance,
considering that I've not followed GIRAPH's build-up from the start. I can
open the JIRA ticket, but wanted to get some feedback first (perhaps it's
minor and easily fixable).


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