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From AdriĆ  Arcarons <>
Subject Implementing Branch and Bound algorithms in Giraph
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2014 12:25:43 GMT

I'm currently researching some graph algoritms to be implemented in Giraph.
I'm very interested in Branch & Bound solutions applied to graph problems,
for example, in the Traveling Salesman Problem. In the TSP, B&B solutions
allow significant improvements of the elapsed time to get exact solutions
compared to the naive brute-force one.

However, i'm not sure if the implementation of a B&B is feasible in Giraph.
My concern is that the essence of Girap'h paradigm (Bulk Synchronous
Parallel) is iterative and B&B is very systematic.

What do you think? It is possible to implement a B&B algorithm in Giraph?
It would be great to know your thoughts about this.

Thank you for your attention.

AdriĆ .

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