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From Alexander Frolov <>
Subject Basic questions about Giraph internals
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 10:22:32 GMT
Hi, folks!

I have started small research of Giraph framework and I have not much
experience with Giraph and Hadoop :-(.

I would like to ask several questions about how things are working in
Giraph which are not straightforward for me. I am trying to use the sources
but sometimes it is not too easy ;-)

So here they are:

1) How Workers are assigned to TaskTrackers?

2) How vertices are assigned to Workers? Does it depend on distribution of
input file on DataNodes? Is there available any choice of distribution
politics or no?

3) How Workers and Map tasks are related to each other? (1:1)? (n:1)? (1:n)?

4) Can Workers migrate from one TaskTracker to the other?

5) What is the best way to monitor Giraph app execution (progress, worker
assignment, load balancing etc.)?

I think this is all for the moment. Thank you.

Testbed description:
Hardware: 8 node dual-CPU cluster with IB FDR.
Giraph: release-1.0.0-RC2-152-g585511f
Hadoop: hadoop-, hadoop-rdma-0.9.8


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