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From akis <>
Subject help on finishing calculating betweeness
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2014 14:56:25 GMT
In the past day, I am struggling on completing calculating Betweeness for a graph. I have uploaded
my work in on github slash koutras slash gb. The things I had found difficulty so far is not
the algorithm by itself that is the brande's algorithm,but integrating the following things.
1) overriding the value of vertex with mine using Overriding the Serialization
functions for my implementation according to      BrachaTouegDeadlockVertexValue.2) overriding
the message that a node is passing to another with   I've added the accessors
that I wanted but I dont now what to do with readFields, and write, that the BrachaTouegDeadlockMessage
has, for my implementation
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