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From Peter Morgan <>
Subject Giraph Job stalling in input read
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2013 17:49:42 GMT

I am having a few problems getting my giraph job past the input read. It
works fine on small amounts of data, but adding more gets the following

The Master worker reports that say 13 out of 20 workers have finished the
input reading, but it is waiting on the rest.

The workers which haven't finish either have many:
  ProgressableUtil - Future result not ready yet
                             - Waiting

log messages, or they have

NettyClient - logInforAboutOpenRequests, waiting for requests.

log messages.
These logs will go on for over a day without any progress being made. I am
confused why it works on small data, but slightly larger it does not. Any
help would be much appreciated as I am at a dead end here with what to do.

I am running on a YARN cluster.

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