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From Ameya Vilankar <>
Subject Re: addEdgeRequest() - Already has missing vertex on this worker for X
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2013 21:51:09 GMT
I don't get what you are trying to solve here. If vertex A already has
edges to B and C, what edges are your trying to add? Could you explain in
detail what you are trying to do?

You can call vertex.getEdges() to get an iterable list of edges where you
know the the value on the edge and the vertex id of the vertex to which the
edge connects.

On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 4:29 PM, Larry Compton

> Giraph 1.0.0 - Hadoop 0.20.2 (CDH3U5)
> The Giraph algorithm I'm developing dynamically retrieves adjacent
> vertices from within the Vertex.compute() method. The retrieval returns
> immediate neighbors and also relationships between the neighbors. For
> instance, for vertex A, the following edges could be retrieved...
> A->B
> A->C
> B->C
> I'm trying to use the Vertex API to dynamically add vertices B and C and
> all three edges. I've managed to successfully add B and C, along with edges
> A->B and A->C (using Vertex.setEdges()). However, I'm having problems
> adding B->C using Vertex.addEdgeRequest(). It's saying...
> Already has missing vertex on this worker for B
> ...presumably because the addition of B to A's adjacency list also causes
> the vertex for B to be created.
> What's the proper way to update the graph?
> Larry

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