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From Pavan Kumar A <>
Subject RE: Issues with Giraph v1.0.0
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 08:12:23 GMT
Hi Pankaj,
Note that in Giraph, vertex is the first-class citizen, while edges are just data associated
with a vertex.So, when you delete a vertex you delete all data associated with it i.e., its
outgoing edges, its value, its id, etc.
However, it is not trivial to delete all incoming edges to a vertex, since it is not directly
aware of existence of such edges.Such edges can only be deleted at source-vertex.
Note that based on the type of outedges you use, Giraph can support multi-graph or simple
graph [both being directed of course]. So, if you want to avoid duplicated edges you can set
OutEdge type to LongDoubleHashMapEdges for example. 2&3 are related.
You can over-come all these at application layer by dedicating the first few supersteps to
clean up your graph though.

Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 13:25:49 +0530
Subject: Issues with Giraph v1.0.0

I am facing following issues while using giraph-1.0.0-for-hadoop-1.0.2.
1. Deletion of a vertex does not delete the incoming edges of that vertex.
 When removeVertexRequest(sourceId,targetId) method is used inside a for-loop, i.e., multiple
delete requests are sent by a vertex, it deletes only the last edge identified by the for-loop.
3. Edge creation does not check for duplicate edges.

Any pointers or solution will be helpful.
Thanks in advance!
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