Search on google scholar for papers about triangle enumeration, there is a huge body of work on that issue.

Am 18.11.2013 20:22 schrieb "Kaushik Patnaik" <>:

I am trying to implement a procedure which outputs both the number of triangles in a graph and enumerates all the triangles for a vertex.

I am able to enumerate triangles for each node in three supersteps by the following psuedo code

 - sending edge information (from -> to) as the message to the neighboring nodes in each superstep
 - stopping at the third superstep and checking for symmetry of the message

However the above counts each triangle multiple times, and I have write the message file to the disk to be queried again.

So my two questions are -

1) Is it possible to separate out messages based on the node they have come from by using a hashmap
2) A better way to count the triangles withing giraph